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Marketing Your Home (#3 of The Big Three)

April 4, 2018 | By Schuyler Williamson

“How do I sell my home for the most money possible?” That’s the question we started this blog series with when you learned about The Big Three. So far we have discussed updating your homepricing your home, and in this post will dive a bit deeper into “marketing your home aggressively” task.

The National Association of Realtors reports that ninety-five percent of people used the internet in some way to find their home. The Williamson Group targets our marketing strategy and resources to match where buyers are finding homes right now - online.  Our listings are syndicated to all real estate websites with visitors through our MLS, the Keller Williams Listing System, Premium Realtor sites including competitors like Caldwell Banker and Re/Max, our Williamson Group website, and online advertisers like Zillow & Realtor.com. Social media platforms like Facebook and Instagram are especially important and we have a strong digital marketing plan allowing us to reach thousands of people to generate interest in your home and attract buyers. Our intent is that our homes for sale are located everywhere a homebuyer could look.

The more places your property is marketed, the more buyers see your property, the more showings you generate, the faster your home sells. 

We don't rely on the internet alone. We don’t rely on the internet alone. Buyers still find homes through other channels, so we also use proven real-world marketing techniques including the ones below:

Door Knocking: We know that neighbors get excited with the opportunity of choosing the people who buy the homes close to them. To give neighbors an opportunity to choose their new neighbors, we knock on all the doors in a neighborhood, hand out information about the home, and encourage them to tell people about the opportunity. 

Open House: The weekend after a listing goes live, we hold an open house. This is advertised through email marketing, social media, and during our door knocking efforts. Nearly half of the open house visitors are a result of the door knocking campaign we have within the neighborhood. 

Network: Our team believes that we should find you as many pre-qualified, ready-to-purchase buyers, so that we can get an immediate sale for you. Those buyers are working with real estates already, so we roll out newsletters to agents in our area, broadcasting your home information, inviting the agents to show your home and asking them to send their clients to your open house. 

The last key factor to consider with your marketing efforts is how prepared someone is to react to inbound leads. Many people will only be interested in a home for the five minutes they are looking online or the one minute they are sitting in front of the home. If you are not prepared to react to a lead within five minutes, then you could be missing opportunities. We make sure to reply to leads as fast as possible to ensure you capture as much interest as possible from your prospects.

The Williamson Group has a great track record of selling homes and would love the opportunity to share with you how we would sell yours. Send us an email at Schuyler@wgrouprealestate.com or give us a call at 512-437-1059 anytime.